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LetterLogic provides custom layout and design of full color letters and statements for your organization (all to your specifications) at no additional cost. Our billing statement designs are easy-to-read, use impactful colors consistent with your branding, and adhere to patient friendly billing best practices (which research indicates help maximize the potential for a debtor to pay), as developed by the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA). Patient friendly billing practices ensure that we create invoices and statements for your organization that are:

  • Clear: All financial communications should be easy to understand and written in clear language. Patients should be able to quickly determine what they need to do with the communication.
  • Concise: The bills should contain just the right amount of detail necessary to communicate the message.
  • Correct: The bills or statements should not include estimates of liabilities, incomplete information, or errors.
  • Patient Friendly: The needs of patients and family members should be paramount when designing administrative processes and communications.

Design Gallery

  • SAMPLE-HFMAchildrens
  • SAMPLE-MedBill
  • SAMPLE-MedInvoice
  • SAMPLE-MedLetter
  • SAMPLE-Utility
  • SAMPLE-CountyHospital
  • SAMPLE-GeneralHospital
  • SAMPLE-NotForProfit
  • SAMPLE-NYstateformat
  • SAMPLE-CES-1-1
  • SAMPLE-CES-2-1
  • SAMPLE-City1
  • SAMPLE-City2
  • SAMPLE-Utility1

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