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LetterLogic is a premium lettershop services provider, specializing in outsourced printing and mailing of statements, invoices, and letters for businesses nationwide.  We offer a comprehensive suite of address correction and updating services that deliver the highest mail list accuracy, proactively handle return mail, and provide web-based document access to help organizations improve customer support.

LetterLogic helps companies save money by

  • reducing billing department overhead
  • increasing mail deliverability
  • reducing the mail volume sent to bad addresses

Buyback Guarantee

LetterLogic is the only company to issue a refund check on undeliverable mail, regardless of the reason!   Learn More >

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“We couldn’t do this job without people like you. We need all the support and help we can get! We have a client that has been a bear since we took their collections over. But LetterLogic makes tracking so much easier for us...”Robin Salters, Abbott Ambulance

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